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I've always let my time slip by, but no more. I will create something. I won't let what I've always wanted to do pass by me. Baking, sewing, drawing, make-up, you name it! As long as something new is made in the end.
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So, you all may have seen this gem, which features a hat much like this one. When I first saw it, I gasped and knew at once that I needed one. So I bought some plain black hats, drew out the emblem with chalk, and got out my acrylic paints. If my camera were better, I’d have a picture to prove that it glows in the dark.

I have now officially made three articles of clothing based on fictitious sci-fi gangs. The other two are my Akira capsule gang scarf and my Motorcity Burner shirt, which needs to be washed before I can make a post of it.

This hat is now available on Etsy!


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